The Advantages of Gold

   A diversification of a percentage of your liquid assets into 

physical precious metals is essential.


Gold is a tangible asset
Physical gold is not subject to the risks that come with paper assets. It can’t be hacked or erased.

Gold has no counterparty risk
Physical gold has no 3rd party liability, unlike any other asset class such as currency, bonds, stocks, houses etc.

Control over your wealth
Considering the lack of counterparty risks if you own physical gold, these full ownership rights gives you a secure investment, crisis insurance, low risk & a unique element in your portfolio.

Gold can be private and confidential
If you want a private or confidential form of wealth, gold is one of few assets that can offer complete anonymity.

Easy to store, low vaulting costs
Gold storage is low maintenance, low-cost, and requires very little space.

Gold can protect against government intrusion
International gold storage is simple to implement and can provide financial flexibility, full liquidity and investment options outside your home country.

Gold protects against crisis
In a world of elevated risks on multiple fronts, gold offers lower risk, greater safety, and bigger upside than any other investment. Gold is your preservation vehicle and insurance policy.

Gold is Money
Physical gold is considered a tier one asset class by the worlds sovereign nations and central banks, one of the best forms of long-term wealthprotection. It is ideal for your heirs since it will outlast any currency systems that may come into effect in the future.

                Why is Physical Gold preferable to Paper Gold?

The ownership of paper gold means you own a piece of paper acting as a substitute for physical gold. With paper gold, you don't own gold. In most cases, you don't even own a promise to receive physical gold, you are a creditor of the party issuing the paper gold certificate or account. You’re therefore exposed to the risk of potential bankruptcy of the party you’re dealing with.

Physical metals hold an advantage over paper in terms of tax and capital gains. They also protect you from the ever-growing risk of government tax grabs.