The Psychology of Gold

The Psychology of Gold

Have you ever wondered why gold has such universal appeal?

Besides being scarce and having a high monetary value, there are some psychological reasons why we’re attracted to gold.

Firstly, gold glistens, giving the impression that it is glowing from the inside. The surface of something that’s gold has a reflective quality and seems to move when viewed from different angles. That naturally attracts the human eye, in much the same way that we notice moving water and can sometimes be mesmerised by it.

Secondly, gold has always been a sign of success and prestige. For example, you win a gold medal for coming first at the Olympics as a symbol of excellence. Other gold awards include the Nobel Prize, the Oscars and the Emmys. Having an award made of a such a rare metal like gold signifies that it is earned by people displaying a rare talent. It is also a sign of success in popular culture, often being flaunted as ‘bling’ by people like musicians.

Thirdly, gold has traditionally been a sign of power. It has been a status symbol throughout history. In ancient Rome and medieval Europe societies, there were laws that prohibited people from wearing gold unless they were from a noble or royal family.

The British royal family even has a Gold State Coach, a horse-drawn carriage that has been used for the coronation of every monarch since the eighteenth century. The Coach is also often used for British royal weddings, as well as the silver and golden jubilees of monarchs. It weighs an incredible four tonnes and needs a team of eight horses to move it.

The gold tradition in the royal family continues to the present day, with Prince Harry giving Meghan Markle a yellow gold diamond engagement ring when he proposed in 2017. It has an estimated value of £100,000. Gold has also been used in the wedding rings of the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, the late Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton.

In addition to its royal connections, gold has also been heavily associated with religion for centuries. It’s natural brilliance as a colour is linked with divinity and purity. It has also been historically linked to energy and the power of the sun.

There are certainly some compelling reasons why we’re so naturally attracted to this most precious of rare metals!