Why Purchasing Bullion is Important at Any Age

The best age to start investing is not defined by how old you are—it’s defined by when you have the capital to do so. And investing in bullion should be at the top of your investor checklist, no matter what type of investor you are or what age you might be.

Gold and silver bullion is bulletproof padding for other assets and shows marked returns over time. Read on to find out why you should start investing in gold or silver bullion as soon as possible.

When Should I Start Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion?

Now! But before you invest in any sort of asset, it’s important to take two crucial things into consideration:

  • Pay off all high-interest credit cards first.
  • Build an emergency fund that stockpiles 3 months income should you run into issues or lose your job.

Once you have these settled and you have some funds to play with, it’s time to start investing now—whether you’re 14, 30, or 50.

Why Now is the Time to Invest in Gold and Silver Bullion

Investments in gold and silver bullion act similarly to a snowball rolling down the top of a mountain. When your investment begins at the peak, it’s a tiny, barely-noticeable ball. As it rolls a few hundred feet, it starts to amass snow, piling up into a sizeable sphere. And once it nears the bottom, it’s quite the behemoth.

Think of each few rolls down the mountain as a year going by. If you cast a snowball down the top of the mountain at age 18, can you imagine how big it’d be when you’re 50? If you’re an older investor that’s a little late to the party, there are still fortunes to be made—but the younger you start, the better your chances for easy earnings.

Once you invest, it’s a good idea to keep investing. If you would have purchased an ounce of silver bullion—cheaper than gold for starter investors—every June for the past 15 years, you would have gained a 16.4 percent investment return, and you’d have 15 oz of silver bullion in your possession.

Why Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion is a Smart Choice

It’s important to keep a diversified portfolio. Investing in gold and silver bullion is a compelling tool for times of economic downfall and helps to curb inflation and deflation, acting as a crutch to strengthen other assets.

But gold and silver bullion aren’t simply tools to balance other assets—they’re powerhouse money-making investments themselves and should be an immediate addition to portfolios for investors of any age.

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