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To be the most trusted, convenient multi-channel provider and educator of innovative bullion, numismatic goods, and services.

About -

We know bullion, and we definitely know numismatics. 

 Whether we’re providing market insights for bullion or simply admiring a collection of coins, we take pride in having the ability to simplify and elevate one of the least understood and underutilised asset class within the financial space. Our passion for what we do runs deep through the DNA of our business, we seize any opportunity to craft an experience that rewards clients by revealing value at various points in their journey. This may be in the form of a great piece of market insight, a new addition to a coin collection or a simple bullion purchase. We're excited to start a dialogue, to inform, excite and provide a lasting value solution that makes a real difference to our client’s wealth. We know that success will come only by offering customers the very best service, selection and product quality.

We believe we are a better way to do bullion and numismatics, and the value of our products are the freedom they provide. 

Welcome to Jaggards.