Our story

Our story isn’t about bullion and banknotes, rare coins and collections - it’s about people. Those with an insatiable desire to explore the boundless possibility of investment. Those with an enduring patience to expand their collections over many years. Those who spot an opportunity, when others see a challenge. Those with stories to share like no other. 

Those like us.

Robert Jaggard built Jaggards from the ground up, to earn a reputation for service that’s more solid than gold itself. Like the depth and detail of this precious metal, our passion for what we do runs deep through the DNA of who we are. Whether we’re providing complex investment insights around bullion or valuing a collection of rare coins – our purpose is to unearth investment and collection opportunities that enhance the wealth of our clients. Today, we welcome the next generation of investors and collectors to Jaggards, some new to gold bullion and rare coins and others who carry with them years of experience, just like us.

Together, we’ll bring success to the surface.

Together, we are Jaggards.