Valuation and Grading


Jaggards provide the following services – SMSF Auditing, Precious metal Valuations, Coin and Banknote Valuations.

Precious Metal valuations 

Jaggards offers a free online price chart which can be used by anyone wishing to compile their own valuation click here for direct access. We can provide written valuations for SMSF, deceased estates or for insurance purposes. Our standard fee is $100 + GST per hour, the minimum time is 1 hour, if you are unable to bring the items to us and require Jaggards to come to you for Auditing of the items  our fee is the same $100 + GST per hour + cost of travel.

Coin Valuations

Jaggards offer written valuations for Australian and world Coins and Banknotes we use the latest market prices so you get the most accurate price. To get you items valued just call and make an appointment with us, we charge $100 + GST per hour minimum time is 1 hour. Any items valued by us and are charged a valuation fee if sold to Jaggards within 30 days will get the valuation returned. We are always happy to offer you free over the counter appraisals just bring your items into us between 9.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday. 

For all valuations items can be brought into our showroom on Level 8, 74 Pitt St NSW 2000 during our office hours or they can be sent to us for valuations at P.O.Box R345 Royal Exchange NSW 1225. For the return of the items sent to Jaggards we can arrange a courier at your cost and if you require insurance we charge $50 per $30,000.  


Grading Service

Jaggards is an authorised PCGS dealer. If you would like to have your coins professional graded, we can send your items to PCGS in the USA to be professionally graded.

Who is PCGS?

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is the most respected name in third-party coin certification. By establishing a universal grading standard, PCGS has paved the way for coin enthusiasts to enjoy buying and selling coins with confidence.

PCGS offers a guarantee of grading accuracy and authenticity for each coin we encapsulate. With decades of combined experience, PCGS graders are selected from an elite group of world-class numismatics experts – some of the most respected and admired in the rare coin industry. Each coin goes through a step-by-step grading process which ensures the utmost care and consideration of your prized numismatic investment.

Each expert works independently in a controlled environment that provides optimum conditions for studying the characteristics and physical condition of each coin. A series of graders enters independent determinations in a computer database until a consensus is reached and the final grade is assigned.

Grading Fees and insurance.

Service Level                                                Max Coin Value             Cost                                                                                        







ECONOMY (Non-Gold)



Insurance can be purchased at 2% of the value you want to insure your coins for (from us to PCGS and back). Coins can be dropped off at our showroom Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm or you can send the coins to us at P.O. Box R345 Royal Exchange NSW 1225. Minimum submission is 5 coins. Our price includes Mylar flips, quality packaging as to make sure all coins arrive at PCGS in the same quality as when it was sent.

Coin grading can take up to 3 months once your coins are graded we will inform you to arrange a collection date. We can also arrange a courier once your coins are back Australia to have them delivered to you the cost of $30 which includes up to $30,000 insurance.

PCGS Grading Standards

Identifiable as to type, date and mintmark.
Entire coin is worn flat, with only traces of the peripheral lettering still visible.
Rims worn into tops of lettering but most lettering remains readable.
Rims mostly full but may be flat or slightly worn into peripheral lettering in spots.
Rims and peripheral lettering full but design now flat and visible only in outline form.
Most central detail now worn flat. Some inner lettering still visible. Rims remain full.
Considerable wear has flattened most of the fine detail. Most lettering remains readable.
About half of the detail now worn flat. All lettering remains visible.
Slightly less than half of the finer detail worn flat. All lettering remains sharp and clear.
Moderate wear with some loss of detail evident in design.
Entire surface shows some wear, but major design features remain clear.

Wear now evident over entire surface. Intricate design beginning to flatten.

Light wear is seen over entire surface though all major detail still visible.
All design elements still show, but high points now worn flat. Little to no luster remains.

High points of design show light wear. A bit of the luster may still be visible in protected areas.
Trace of wear now seen on higher points of design. Bits of luster may remain.

Slight flatness and loss of luster visible on high points of design. Some luster remains.

Full detail with light friction on the high points. Considerable luster remains.

Only the slightest friction on the highest points. Virtually full luster.

No wear. May be poorly struck with many marks and hairlines.

No wear with average or weak strike. Multiple heavy marks or hairlines allowed.

No wear, with average or below average strike. Numerous marks or hairlines.

Average or slightly weak strike with moderate marks or hairlines.

Average or better strike with scattered marks or hairlines, though none severe.

Above average strike with minor marks or hairlines, mostly out of focal areas.

Well struck with a few marks or hairlines, not in focal areas.

Very well struck with minor imperfections visible with magnifications.

Only the slightest weakness in strike with a few tiny imperfections barely visible.

Virtually fully struck with miniscule imperfections visible upon close inspection.
Fully struck and lustrous, free of visual marks under 5 x magnification.