Delivery options and costs will be presented at checkout, below are the key details:

Courier Mail - Minimum cost of $30.00                           

  • Signature on delivery will be required
  • Re-deliveries will incur additional charges, and will not be covered by insurance
    (see FAQ for more information)

Please Note:

  • Maximum value per parcel sent is $25,000. Orders exceeding this value will be split and sent the following day
  • A metal charge of $3.90 per kilo for silver and $1.90 per ounce for Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium for orders exceeding the minimum will be charged (see below examples)

How is the additional delivery cost is calculated?

All deliveries will incur a minimum delivery charge of $30. 

Example 1

You purchase 1 Kilo of Silver and 1oz of Gold and select standard mail.
You will pay the standard rate of $30.

Example 2

You purchase 10 Kilos of Silver and 8oz of Gold.
@ $3.90 per Kilo for Silver
@ $1.90 per Ounce for Gold
The cost would be (10 x $3.90) + (8 x $1.90) = $54.2


International Delivery

For all international shipping, please contact us directly for a quote.


For your peace of mind all our deliveries are completely insured at no additional cost unless otherwise stated.
You will be emailed the courier’s tracking number, so you can track your order.