About Us

As Australia's largest international dealer of Bullion and Rare coins with almost 50 years experience, Jaggards is Sydney's oldest and most respected and reliable dealer in Gold Coins, Rare coins and Banknote investments. Being the official distributor for the Perth Mint we are the official agent for their popular precious metal certificate program (P.M.C.P). The frontline experience of Jaggards is perfectly set to advise you on any purchase, and by doing so placing you in a good position to take advantage of the flourishing precious metals market.

Whether you need advice on future market trends, daily market analysis, or you simply would like to make an investment or purchase something special, Jaggards are the renowned experts in Gold coin, Rare coin and Banknote investments.

Robert Jaggard commenced business in the field of Numismatics within Australia in 1963, and subsequently developed a family business over the years with a worldwide reputation which today offers unique expertise and experience to all clients in the world of numismatics and precious metal investments.

  • During this period of 50 years the Company has been the largest numismatic dealer in Australia to specialize in the full range of Australian gold, silver, platinum coins and bars and gold coinage of the world. As a result this Company has established many close ties with major international numismatic dealers, organizations and European banks dealing in gold coins and bullion worldwide.
  • Jaggard's have been for many years an official Agent for the Swiss Bank Corporation in Zurich, with the marketing of gold coins within Australia and all gold coins sold by this Company was available through the many hundreds of branches of the Commercial Bank of Australia before their amalgamation with another major bank.
  • In the 1970's Robert Jaggard was commissioned by the Royal Australian Mint to help complete the mints collection of pre decimal Australian coinage for public viewing in Canberra.
  • In 1983 this Company was awarded a contract by the Australian Government for the sole distribution of all Royal Australian Mint coin issues. This was the first and only time that a contract was given to a private Company to market and distributes all new Australian coin issues as well as being an official Agent for their products.
  • The Company was also appointed by the Royal Canadian Mint as the official Agent for the Canadian Mint products within Australia. Both the above two contracts were handled by our subsidiary company Jaggard Mint Sales Pty Limited and while acting in this role Robert Jaggard was responsible for establishing the marketing campaign and agency network of both these mints in a successful format which they both continue to use today.
  • Jaggard's Pty Limited was appointed as Primary Distributor for Gold Corp (Perth Mint) in the marketing and retailing of all numismatic products that includes the Australian Nugget and Kangaroo Gold coin issues, both bullion and proof products. We have also participated in several joint ventures with Gold Corp in the marketing of special Australian coin sets. Jaggard's also have been official agents for Rothschilds' Internationally accredited .9999 gold bullion bars and granules.
  • Jaggard Commodity Futures, another of our subsidiary companies has been an active Associate Member of the Sydney Futures Exchange. Jaggard's currently act as the buying agent, selling agent and effectively the manager and adviser to many substantial Numismatic Investors, Banks and Institutions both locally and worldwide regarding Bullion and Rare Coin Investments.
  • In August 1993 Robert Jaggard opened Sydney's Gold Shop in the heart of Sydney, now widely recognized as one of the worlds finest Gold, Rare coin and Banknote showrooms. Jaggard's are unique in their industry having at your service internationally recognized experts who are assisted by multi-lingual staff and offering that personal touch and experience in all areas of Numismatics whether it be Gold and Precious Metals, Rare Coins and Banknotes or the full range of Royal Australian and Perth Mint issues.

  • Robert Jaggard with his unique experience and expertise in Australian gold coin area has handled many of the rarest of the rare gold sovereigns and half sovereigns ever been available, and built complete collections for many local and international clients, which also included the legendary 1920 Sydney Mint Sovereign several times which today has a valuation in excess of $1,000,000 alone.